I am first and foremost an artist. Born in Romania, my name is pronounced as Eon.

I have over two decades as a photographer and preparing museum & gallery quality prints of my work, my clients & other artists and adore well finished prints. ( see CUSTOM PRINTS page)

My photography style ranges from classic to contemporary. I photograph what I witness, reach depth to your personality. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, I know that. But I have a lot of experience with helping clients look natural. Either step back and let things happen or step in and give some guidance.

You always seem to capture our family so perfectly.
— Abigail G.

 It was obvious that he was personally invested in the entire photographic process.
— Mark L.

 I felt like he was way more organized than I was!
— Ashley

 Incredibly experienced, thoughtful, focused and easy-going.
— A&N

 He will take the vision you have and make it 100 times better.
— Tom & B

 He made the whole experience easy and let us, be us.
— Karen B.