In today business world, you need a digital identity. Selfies are for amateurs. People say ‘’Don’t judge a book by the cover’’ but a bad photo in your profile can send the wrong message. IT’S BETTER to make a great impression on first glance. We can explore different options from how you dress to the backdrops we use.



There is no determined pose or look for everyone. Together we delve into the artistic process to find the energy behind you, your inner light. We NEED you : CONFIDENT, APPROACHABLE AND NEAT. I am not treating this like picture day at school, this is not a factory. I do not charge based on time during the photo shoot. I will take the time needed to get it right for you. It all starts with a consultative conversation. If there are any insecurities regarding photography please share that with me. Let me know where you are planning to use the head shots: FB, LinkedIn, Business card, website or other printed materials? Your response will determine the most appropriate background. And we always discuss wardrobe. It’s either the Studio, a Conference Room or in your environment at work. I am invested and passionate in every session to create your unique and expressive brand. I WANT TO GET THE REAL YOU, A FEELING FROM YOU.


I’ll arrange for a phone call and view the highlights of your images. Within 1-2 days And get back to you with the two or more images you have chosen.

The Basic Headshot Package:
-one hour photo shoot
-multiple positions in 1 outfit, 
-outdoor or indoor with a gray/white/black background
 -1 final image with Photoshop post-processing.


The Business Pro Head Shot Package:
- one and a half to two hour photo shoot
- multiple positions with 2 outfits, outdoor or indoor with a gray/white/black
-3 final images with Photoshop processing.